3 Things that Make Saints Row The Third WHUFFO Certified

Saints Row the Third - WHUFFO Toggles

Saints Row The Third – WHUFFO Certfied!

I just saw the new trailer from Saints Row The Third. Big Whoopy. The only reason why I wasted my time and sat through it was because there is a spectacular WHUFFO Certified Scene that blows Point Breaks 55 Hour Freefall Scene right out of the water.

Saints Row the Third boasts some awesome freefall gunplay with Genuine Freefall Physics that are sure to entice any jumper’s excitement and get on to manifest ASAP. The freefall physics are Totally Realistic. *End Sarcasm*

The WHUFFO Certified 3

3: What Slider?
Who needs sliders in Saints Row the Third when you can have totally cool sideways risers. These new risers kick ass! They look super cool to any WHUFFO and serve their purpose well. Right on.

2: Three Chutes in One!
I’m not sure where this super-duper cool dude got this rig but it appears it can hold 3 Parachutes! Totally WHUFFIN Awesome! This guys main parachute magically pops up out of nowhere and doesn’t take up any extra space on his rig. You can tell this cool guy has one of these nifty 3 parachutes in one rig-containers because his Main D-Bag is still in the Container. That’s pretty cool. Where can I get one of these? Sweet.

1: Super Cool Triangular Toggles!
Probably one of the best features about these Supa-Dupa-Fly WHUFFO Designed Toggles is the triangular design that makes them easy to stow and extremely tangle and snag free.

Which makes these toggles stow very safe to stow down the side of your container as per usual. The only difference is you don’t get to catch the super-hot-polygonal-chick out-of-the-sky when it’s your turn to use them.

Oh well…

Bonus Points:
No Hacky!
Rear Risers sit nicely on top of his rig. Total Awesomeness.


I’m sure there are more if you want to get picky. Can you find them?

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